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ChesedGamesOnline is apart from a game developer showcase, also a knowledge base for everyone who wants to learn more about game development. It is a place for people who want to build their own games, but for people who like to play games as well.


Every game developer needs resources. What are resources and which resources does he/she need? In this section you’ll learn more!

Tools and software

In this section, you’ll find handy tools and software game developers use to master their craft.


Never made a game before? This section will get you covered!

graphic and audio sources

Graphics and audio can make or break a game. If you are not that good creating them, find here some reliable resources you can use in your games

programming sources

Tired of using drag and drop systems or no-code game engines to build your games? Learn programming here!

Communities and forums

Find local and international communities where you can find people who can help you out if you’re stuck.

Check out the free games! That’s the reason you’re on this website, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ChesedGamesOnline?

ChesedGamesOnline is a website where you can download desktop games that are created by Chesed Wolfjager. It is his personal game development portfolio, but the website has also the goal to provide resources and learning tools to aspiring game developers. A place where they can connect with each other.

  • Do you have made the games yourself?

Yes, the games are made entirely by Chesed Wolfjager, the owner of this website. He used Game Maker to develop them. That is a 2D game engine. You can use it to build games for Windows, Mac, HTML5, Android and many more platforms. Visit the official website here.

  • How do you download these games?

If you want to download these games, you navigate to the Games section. Choose a category. Choose a game, and click on “Download”. You’ll be redirected to a MEGA.NZ link where you can download the games directly on your computer.

  • For which platforms are these games built?

The games on this website are built for Windows. You need to own a computer to be able to play these games. It will not work on mobile.

  • Do you need to be tech-savvy to be able to play these games?

No, most of the games are fairly easy to play. Some of them have a learning curve, but they’re not hard to play at all. Just follow the instructions on the web page from given game.

  • What are your plans with game development?

Well, they’re very big but I’ll tell you. At first, I want people to know that it’s fairly easy to create their games. That’s why I have created my game developer portfolio. I would love game enthusiasts to play my games. Also, want to build an international network of game developers. I want people in Suriname to know what the possibilities are for game development. In the Netherlands, game development is part of the curriculum. I want that for Suriname too. Suriname has already proven that people from there can create nice games. During hackathons, a game released in the Play Store, you have some people who already created their games. I think people from Suriname are capable of building successful games. Games like Angry Birds, JetPack Joyride, and Fruit Ninja.

  • Have you ever made money from your games?

Never made money from these games. The graphic and audio sources are freeware, so not for commercial use. I can only make money from my games when I come up with my own graphics and sound. That’s why I need people that are good into developing game graphics and sound so I could build my own games, start a small game studio with them, release games and make money. That’s why I built this website, to showcase a portfolio and connect with other game developers. The current version from Game Maker is built for people who build games for commercial use. Check out the games they’ve made here.

  • Are you the only game developer in Suriname?

There are multiple talented game developers in Suriname. One studio I can recommend is TumsiCreative. They created a game about a sloth. I think they used Unity to build it. Visit their official Facebook page here. Download the mobile game here. Unfortunately, their website is no longer online.

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