In the heart of a bustling maze, a voracious yellow pie named Pac-Man embarks on a relentless pursuit of pellets, fueled by an insatiable appetite. As he navigates the labyrinthine corridors, he must evade a quartet of colorful ghosts determined to thwart his gastronomic endeavor.

Blinky, the relentless red ghost, leads the pack, his pursuit unwavering and persistent. Pinky, the pink ghost, follows closely, her strategy guided by a blend of logic and intuition. Inky, the cyan ghost,
lurks in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. And Clyde,
the orange ghost patrols the maze, his movements are unpredictable and erratic.

Pac-Man’s quest is not without its power-ups. Scattered throughout the maze are glowing dots that temporarily transform him into a ghost-gobbling menace. With each pellet consumed, the ghosts turn blue, their fearsome demeanor replaced by a state of vulnerability.

As Pac-Man chomps his way through the maze, the tension mounts. The ghosts, relentless in their pursuit, close in on him with each passing moment. But Pac-Man is no ordinary pie. With his nimble movements and strategic pellet consumption, he outmaneuvers his ghostly foes.

In this classic arcade game, the stage is set for an epic battle of wits and agility. Will Pac-Man satiate his hunger and escape the maze, or will the ghosts succeed in their quest to capture him? The answer lies in the skillful execution of maneuvers, the strategic consumption of pellets, and the unwavering determination of a hungry pie.

<Esc> Ends the game

<Up/Down> Choose menu item

<F4> Switch graphics mode


Player Controls

<Up/Down> Move


Collect all the coins.




Michel Fiege

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