3D Game Engine Development: Learn how to Build a Cross-Platform 3D Game Engine with C++ and OpenGL



Developing a custom game engine in today’s landscape might raise eyebrows among many, as there’s an abundance of really good free and open-source alternatives readily accessible. To challenge this prevailing wisdom might appear unconventional at best. However, I firmly believe that there are compelling reasons for you to explore this intricate world. In this book, you will embark on a journey to build a cross-platform 3D game engine from scratch using C++ and OpenGL. The adventure begins with setting up a versatile development environment and a robust build system, laying the foundation for the challenges that lie ahead. As the journey progresses, we venture into more advanced terrain, tackling the implementation of critical features such as graphics rendering, physics, scripting, serialization, etc. Finally, it culminates with the implementation of a graphical user interface to improve interaction with the engine’s features and game creation.


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