Tank War



In the heart of a pixelated battlefield, two mighty tanks engage in an epic battle of firepower and strategy. Prepare to unleash your inner tank commander as you face off against your opponent in a split-screen duel of skill and determination.

With your trusty tank as your weapon, navigate the treacherous terrain, dodging obstacles and unleashing a barrage of shells upon your unsuspecting foe. Collect power-ups that scatter across the battlefield, enhancing your tank’s capabilities and turning the tide of the battle.

Shields will deflect your opponent’s attacks, granting you a temporary advantage. Health pickups will replenish your tank’s dwindling life force, allowing you to continue the fight. And extra weapons will expand your arsenal, introducing devastating new attacks to your repertoire.

As the battle intensifies, the mini-map in the corner of your screen will reveal your opponent’s movements, providing valuable insights into their tactics and allowing you to plan your counterattacks.

But beware! Your opponent is no slouch. They too possess a formidable tank and a cunning strategy. The tension mounts with each passing moment, as both players strive to emerge victorious from this intense battle of steel and firepower.

In Tank War, the spirit of competition reigns supreme. Prepare to test your reflexes, strategize your every move, and unleash the fury of your tank as you engage in an unforgettable local multiplayer experience.

Tank War is a two-player game. Each player drives a tank.

The goal is to destroy the tank of the opponent. Each tank has a primary weapon with which it can shoot.

Also, you can find secondary weapons. The following secondary weapons exist:

A rocket always moved in the direction of the opponent

Bouncing Bomb: Bouncing bombs bounce against walls

When fired gives you a protective shield

There is also a bonus item to repair part of the damage.


(red) player:

          A, D: Steer

          W, S: Forward and backward

          <Space>: Primary weapon

          <Ctrl>: Secondary weapon


(blue) player:

          <Left>,<Right>: Steer

          <Up>,<down>: Forward and

          <Enter>: Primary weapon

          <Delete>: Secondary weapon




Chesed Wolfjager


Kevin Crossley

Music and Sound:

Jacob Habgood

Concept and Design:

Mark Overmars

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