Wingman Sam



Soar through the skies in Wingman Sam, a cooperative local multiplayer game where teamwork and aerial acrobatics are the keys to victory.

Join forces with your partner pilot as you take control of two nimble biplanes, tasked with defending the skies from an onslaught of enemy aircraft. Brace yourself for intense dogfights as you maneuver your biplanes through treacherous air currents, dodging bullets and unleashing a barrage of your own firepower. Communication and coordination are paramount in this aerial adventure. Work with your wingman to devise strategies, execute synchronized maneuvers, and unleash devastating combined attacks. Your bond as pilot will be tested as you face increasingly challenging waves of enemy planes. The ultimate test awaits at the end of the mission – a formidable boss battle that will demand your utmost skill and teamwork. As you and your partner pilot confront this formidable foe, remember that victory depends on your combined strength and unwavering cooperation.

In Wingman Sam, the skies become your battlefield, and teamwork becomes your weapon. Prepare to take flight and experience the thrill of cooperative aerial combat as you defend the skies alongside your wingman!

Wingman Sam is a two-player game. Not the type of multiplayer game that you play against each other over a network. No, two players on the same computer on a local network. You have to collaborate to destroy enemy planes and in the end the boss! Note: “Endless mode” is mission mode, but for now the game consists of only 1 level, so I put it on endless mode. In the future, more game modes will be added, like Survival Mode and Time Mode. Also, power-ups will be added.




Left  player:

          A, D: Steer

          W, S: Forward and backward

          <Space>: Primary weapon




          <Left>,<Right>: Steer

          <Up>,<down>: Forward and

          <Enter>: Primary weapon



Chesed Wolfjager


Ari Feldman

Music and Sound:

Jacob Habgood

Concept and Design:

Mark Overmars

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