Presentation postponed until further notice


As you guys may know, ChesedGamesOnline has a partnership with Nieuwe Ideetjes Online Suriname (NIOS). We have been working for more then a year. The presentation that would be held on the 15th of June has been postponed until further notice.

It all started when I saw a sponsored ad from them on Facebook. I thought “Hey, that would be interesting!” So I chatted with the owner for a few months. We decided to meet at his office and we have a good conversation. We talked about IT, games and crypto and what we wanted to achieve. We also talked about how we could work together. There are a lot of things, but the main things are teach people about IT and crypto and sell software/games.

NIOS exist since 2021 and is registered by the Chamber of Commerce in Suriname. ChesedGamesOnline is not registered yet. But this year I registered another company named 9 CIW Development, that specializes in digital marketing. If you want to build a website for your business, contact me at

NIOS wants to create a network marketing platform for people as a way to make money. People can also study there. They want to achieve the same thing as NVISIONU. A few months ago, we decided to have a presentation, but because his platform is not finished the presentation could not be held. My website is almost finished and ready to present at the public. Subscribe to my newsletter to know the latest events and news.

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