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Chesed Wolfjager, the Mastermind behind ChesedGamesOnline used several programs to create his games. In this article, you will learn more about the software he uses and where to get them.


GameMaker is a program written bij Mark Overmars. It is designed to let people create games easily. The drag-and-drop interface simplifies the process. These are pre-programmed building blocks that execute specific tasks. It’s very easy to build games this way. Back in the day, people must have programming knowledge to build a game. In Suriname, there aren’t many people using GameMaker. Most game developers use Unity and don’t seem to have much interest in GameMaker. Unity is – like the current version of GameMaker – written in C#. Contrary to GameMaker, Unity does not have a drag-and-drop interface. But it has the possibility to build 3D games.

Download GameMaker here.

Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio is a music composition program. Game developers use it to compose music for their games. It is MIDI-based, so you can load your own instruments. Chesed Wolfjager used it to load his own instruments. The compositions were created by Jacob Habgood. Chesed used the tracks Jacob composed and used them to load in his own instruments to sort of “create” his tune. He later used the MIDI tracks in some games that were not finished yet (so they’re not uploaded on this website). Chesed is a musician himself. He plays the drums and keyboard and makes his arrangements on the computer using DAWs like MAGIX Music Maker and Acoustica Mixcraft. On his tablet, he used the apps Drumpads24 and Music Maker Jam. The tracks are uploaded to his personal SoundCloud. What is the connection between Chesed and Jacob Habgood? Well, they do not know each other. Jacob is the co-author of a book that Chesed used to create his games. If you want to compose music for your games, you need a computer, Anvil Studio, and a MIDI keyboard. 

Download Anvil Studio here.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing software that can be used for many purposes. How can game developers utilize it? Well, they can use it to manipulate images, make the backgrounds transparent, and many more. How did Chesed use it? Well, he used it to create text for his games. GameMaker has a built-in image editor that allows you to create game titles and menu text for your games, but for Chesed, it was not enough. The built-in text editor from Photoshop gave him the possibility to generate cool text-based logos that he could use for his games. He used them in his game “Catch The Fruit“. 

Purchase Adobe Photoshop here.

Any 2 Icon Converter

When you’re using GameMaker to build your games, you’ll notice that your games will have the standard GameMaker Icon. GameMaker gives you the possibility to add your own icons to your games. But does not have a built-in program for that. Well, here’s where Any 2 Icon Converter comes in. You can upload any picture you want and convert it to an icon. When you have your icon already, you can upload it to GameMaker. Now your game will have a custom icon. At least when you decide to export it as an executable (.EXE) file. 

Download Any 2 Icon Converter here.

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